Sealegs Amphibious Marine Craft - Click here for more information & photos


Recreational owners of these vessels enjoy Safe Boating with Family and young children,  Water Skiing, Diving, Leisure Boating, Fishing - all while saving time on Launch and retreival.and NO MORE GETTING WET!

The Recreation Amphibious Marine Craft come in three sizes:

6.1m RIB - the ideal general purpose, all-round day boat for fishing, water skiing and diving.

6.1m D Tube - This vessel is more rugged, for demanding fishing environments

7.1m RIB - With the extra space, the 7.1m RIB is the perfect boat for all types of recreational fishing.

These vessels are very easy to operate - once in the water a push of the button will bring the wheels all the way up and the boat is driven and used in the normal way. When approaching land the sea legs are lowered to the down position while still moving in the water.

Click here to view a short video on how these unique vessels operate